Monday, 3 December 2012

Potteric Carr

This was our first visit to Potteric Carr on a very wet afternoon.

The first sighting was a Blue Tit feeding in the reeds.

Nearby these Mute Swans were practising their best neck bending techniques!

We tried several of the hides with no luck, it seems we were not the only ones who didn't think much to the weather!  So we decided to have lunch and see if our luck would change so fortified with king size bacon butties and coffee we set off again.  It must have done the trick Luke saw a Great Spotted Woodpecker as soon as we went in the next hide!

and then a Jay

The birds were at last all coming out despite the rain.


Great Tit

Reed Bunting


Feeding time!

After this great display we then moved on to the next hide and saw Little Grebe.



Then as we were leaving we saw this large flock we thought may be Starlings.

So it turned out to be a good day after all we will definitely be back, but hopefully when the weather is better.

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