Monday, 29 April 2013

North Cave Wetlands

A brief stop at Warter en-route to North Cave, proved worthwhile with my first sighting of goslings this year;
Greylag geese
And the morning got better still with a fly past from a Red Kite!

I'd heard reports of lots of Yellow Wagtails being seen at North Cave, and sure enough there was a quite a few around, the biggest group I saw was nine together all busy feeding. In the same area there were plenty of other birds also feeding including...

Reed Bunting


Meadow Pipit 
On one of the small pools a Coot was sat tight on her nest

Likewise for the Mute Swan, but a bit bigger nest!

Nearby these Lapwing flew by making lots of noise!

The warm weather, certainly encourages the butterflies; my first Peacock Butterfly of the year

Reed Bunting

Some nice spring blossom!
One of my favourites - Avocet - Look at those amazing blue legs!

These were seen on the pools near Turret hide, there were these two close by and a small group a bit further away

Black Headed Gull showing off in the sunshine!

Black Tailed Godwit flying in

and time for a quick scratch! Unfortunately, they were a bit far off for a good shot.

Sandmartin checking out a suitable nest

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Rutland Water Nature Reserve

Osprey are high on our wish list of birds to see this year.  After a little research on the web, we decided Rutland Water in Leicestershire would be a good place to try.  Rutland Water is a huge reserve with over 30 bird hides - we didn't manage all of them as we ran out of time.  There are 2 visitor centres; Lyndon and Egleton, they are approx 5-10 minutes away from each other by car.  We all had a great day even though it was quite windy and cold brrr.... 
Kestrel at Lyndon visitor centre

View over Manton Bay
Manton Bay is one of the spots where Ospreys nest, the viewing hide is manned by volunteers from the time the Ospreys arrive from their wintering grounds in West Africa, and throughout the breeding season until the chicks have fledged.  Manton Bay is reached from the Lyndon visitor centre.  Great to see these birds, that's another tick for our bird list!
Female Osprey on the nest
Male Osprey
Great Crested Grebe 
Wigeon feeding on the grass at the edge of the water
Pied Wagtail
Signs of Spring ... 
Cattle just outside the visitor centre at Egleton 
View towards Upper Hambleton
Muntjac Deer

The meadow near the visitor centre had some great birds including;




Water Rail
Sparrowhawk - but unfortunately he turned the other way, then flew off!  

Egyptian Goose - a very long way away


Thursday, 11 April 2013

Levisham, North Yorkshire Moors

To work off lunch, we went for a walk up the hill near Levisham station, great view from the top, so it's well worth the hike to the top.

I really like the colour of the sky on this one

These trees are right at the top of the hill and unsurprisingly look some what windswept!
Lunch time for the sheep
Two rabbits popped out of their burrow for a while 
A sure sign of Spring;
But don't get fooled, I saw these in a hedgerow on the way back home