Monday, 29 April 2013

North Cave Wetlands

A brief stop at Warter en-route to North Cave, proved worthwhile with my first sighting of goslings this year;
Greylag geese
And the morning got better still with a fly past from a Red Kite!

I'd heard reports of lots of Yellow Wagtails being seen at North Cave, and sure enough there was a quite a few around, the biggest group I saw was nine together all busy feeding. In the same area there were plenty of other birds also feeding including...

Reed Bunting


Meadow Pipit 
On one of the small pools a Coot was sat tight on her nest

Likewise for the Mute Swan, but a bit bigger nest!

Nearby these Lapwing flew by making lots of noise!

The warm weather, certainly encourages the butterflies; my first Peacock Butterfly of the year

Reed Bunting

Some nice spring blossom!
One of my favourites - Avocet - Look at those amazing blue legs!

These were seen on the pools near Turret hide, there were these two close by and a small group a bit further away

Black Headed Gull showing off in the sunshine!

Black Tailed Godwit flying in

and time for a quick scratch! Unfortunately, they were a bit far off for a good shot.

Sandmartin checking out a suitable nest

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