Friday, 23 November 2012

North Cave Wetlands - Part 2

I didn't quite have time to complete my blog yesterday, so this is the remainder of the trip to North Cave Wetlands.

From the next hide we saw this Greylag Goose who definitely needs some more swimming lessons!

but at least after his dunk he had a good shower, he must be clean by now!

Great Crested Grebe in his winter colours

Little Grebe

Little Grebe, going, going


Spotted another bird nearby, but again not sure what this one is?

Then on the way back to the car I was delighted to see this Green Woodpecker, the first I have seen. Unfortunately, Julie and the boys missed it as they had already got to the car.

What a great end to the day!


  1. A great selection of photos in both this and your last post. North Cave is a great reserve for a short stroll around isn't it :)

    PS. The unidentified bird is a Siskin :)

    Regards, David

    1. Thanks David for your feed back and identifying the Siskin. We had a great day at North Cave and it's not too far for the kids to walk. Do you know what the other bird is that we were not sure about on part one of the blog?

      Regards, Andrew