Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Wheldrake Ings & North Duffield Carrs

We decided to visit somewhere we had not been to before.  So at the weekend we went to Wheldrake Ings and North Duffield Carrs.  It was very muddy at Wheldrake and unfortunately some of the hides had been vandalised and you couldn't get to them which meant the views were from a bit far away to get good pictures.  We saw Whooper Swans, Cormorants, Shovelers, Wigeon and lots of Gulls, but unfortunately not the Pintails we hoped to see.

Whooper Swans

Standing in line

The birding didn't go quite so well when a low flying helicopter made all the birds take to the skies.

Greylag Geese

Coots ready for take off...

There were still some birds enjoying the last of the berries like this Blackbird.


There are still plenty of interesting Fungi around.


We then moved on to North Duffield Carrs just as the light was fading, to see what birds were flying in to roost. We didn't see many ducks or geese, but did get some great views of a barn owl, unfortunately, it was a bit too dark to get any pictures of him.

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