Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Skye - Trip to the south of the island, Otter day!

A lovely sunny day today, made even better by an impromptu stop at the roadside to see Redwing, Waxwing and Fieldfare all feeding on the same berry tree.




Driving beside the Loch, Luke shouts "I've seen an Otter, I saw his head and his whiskers"  OK - we are not to doubt him, so reverse up the car, and sure enough there's an Otter!!
I got some good photographs of him, but all too soon he slips into the choppy water and I lost sight of him.

The water may be choppy but it is crystal clear.

We also saw this Curlew amongst the rocks.

We decide to park the car up and walk along the Loch.  After an hour we decide not much is happening until ...  I see another two Otters.  We had a great view of these two and watched them for at least half an hour.  Fantastic.

We watched them feeding on crabs out in the Loch and managed to get down to the water without being spotted, and settled down off the sky line amongst the rocks. Then one of them caught a fish too big to deal with in the water and hauled up on the rocks just a few feet away!

Just look at those teeth

They certainly were not going to share, but after the fish was gone...

Then these Oystercatchers flew by.

Time for lunch after all that excitement.

We took a drive to the south of the island, saw Buzzards and had some good views of the Loch's below.

Drove past our first Otter sighting spot and saw another!!

This was our best Otter watching day ever and it was really good that we all managed to get some close up views of them. Even Luke managed to keep quite enough to take some pictures of them.

And just to prove it didn't rain every night, well not all night anyway!

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