Sunday, 4 November 2012

Trip to Raasay

Raasay is a small island just of Skye reached by ferry.  It has 140 residents and some small but very uneven roads.

Whilst waiting to board the ferry we saw Dunnock and Redpoll feeding on some nearby grasses.



Great views of Eider Ducks out at sea from the ferry on the way across.

Just as we were coming in to the harbour at Raasay spotted this Grey Heron.

Buzzard sat on a telegraph pole - I think he was waiting for us, but as soon as you stop the car off they go!

After a 3 hour walk up a mountain to the peak at Dun Cana, we travelled to the north of the island on the hunt for Eagles.  No Eagles today, but this Stag more than made up for it.  I think he had been walking through the forests before he shot across the road just in front of us!

Spectacular views from Dun Cana, after I had fallen in a bog up to my knees, wet muddy legs for the rest of the day, plus we all got a good drenching on the way down!  All in a good cause though and more great sightings were still to come.

Just off the coast we could see about 15 Porpoises - well done to Luke for spotting these.

Seal spotted from the top of the cliffs.

And most unusual - pigs wandering in the road??

All too soon it was time to head back to the ferry, Oliver spotted a Stonechat.

Parked up at the ferry queue, had an hour to spare so went for a walk, and then I couldn't believe it, an otter fishing in the water just beside the harbour - watched him fishing for about 20 minutes - fantastic!

A wonderful day for sightings and between the showers we even get some sunshine!

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