Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Skye, Neist Point

Today we went to Neist Point and the lighthouse which is on the North West of the island.  The weather was more obliging today and enabled some good photographic stops en route.


Otter - it was swimming in the Loch some distance away and I wasn't sure it was an Otter at first, but after a long careful walk down the beach I eventually got a great sighting and found him busy grooming himself.  This has got to be my highlight of the day!!  I can't believe my luck a close up Otter sighting so early in our stay.


There's loads and loads of berries - perfecting for attracting the birds! The only problem remains getting a good shot of the birds eating them!

Eider Duck - out at sea

Views from Neist Point

And of course the lighthouse, about as far west as we could get. Then followed the long walk back up the cliffs to the car, it didn't seem that far on the way down!

Greylag Geese - spotted on the way home.

The only trouble with this time of year is the short days, so it was dark before we got back to the cottage. We are going to try an early start tomorrow and hit the beach before sunrise!

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