Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Tophill Low Nature Reserve

A busy weekend started with a trip to Tophill Low on Saturday with my niece Rachel, who is a keen photographer and amateur birder!  We were on the hunt for a Kingfisher, but alas one failed to show.  But we did have some other good sightings, Rachel was the first to spot the Marsh Harrier flying over North Marsh - she also beat me by getting a shot of a Treecreeper and a Woodpecker. 

The wood was filled with an array of little birds such as Great Tit, Goldcrest, Robin, Blue Tit, Long Tailed Tit, Treecreeper and Chaffinch.


Great Tit


Whilst we were at North Marsh, we saw a Long Tailed Tit in the bushes and a Wren very cleverly hidden in the reeds just in front of the hide.

Long Tailed Tit


This rather scruffy looking Raptor was sat in the top of a tree, with the help of Richard Hampshire we think it is a first autumn female Sparrowhawk.

After a long wait at North Marsh, we headed off to Watton Burrows - stopping off at South Marsh and saw Teal.


Greylag Geese at Watton Burrows

The day was nicely finished off with a large flock of Geese flying overhead and an ambitious Squirrel with a rather large prize!

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