Thursday, 18 October 2012

Tophill Low Nature Reserve

As we live close to Tophill Low nature reserve, I find it easy to drop in on the odd afternoon - you never know what might turn up. I always go with the intention of seeing a Kingfisher, but as usual I waited and waited and he didn't show! Oh well, still lots to see....

First on the sightings was a Marsh Harrier which flew just over the reedbed at North Marsh.

Next a nice shot of Mute Swans flying over North Marsh followed by a Jay and a Cormorant.

This is my favourite shot of the day - a Moorhen at North Marsh. I didn't realise their legs were so brightly coloured.

The wooded area is a haven for lots of little birds;

Blue Tit



Coal Tit

Willow Tit

After a walk around the wood I went to check out some of the other hides not much to see from most of them, but I saw this Gadwall on North Lagoon. There were also quite a lot of Teal on South Marsh, where there was also a Kestrel flying around and Tufted Ducks on O Reservoir. 

The noisiest bird of the day goes to the Euro Fighter that seemed to be using us for target practice!
All in all, a good afternoon.  I hope it's as good on Saturday as I'm bringing my niece - she wants to photograph Kingfishers (fingers crosssed!!)

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