Sunday, 20 January 2013


Well, it certainly snowed here, so I thought a quick walk was a good opportunity for some photographs in the snow. At the top of the tree in the distance I could just make out six or seven Goldfinch.


A bit further along a Blackbird had her feathers fluffed up against the cold

It is amazing how the snow transforms everything.

Tracks in the snow

Path through the woods

There weren't many birds about unfortunately, but it was nice to get a walk in the fresh air and it certainly was quite fresh! On the walk back however I did see this Magpie.

A Christmas tree complete with snow, just a bit late for the big day! I saw Reed Bunting in the hedge nearby, but they were too far in to get a shot of them.

It is just a shame that there was no sun out this morning as the pictures always look better with a bit of sunshine.

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