Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Filey Dams

I had to go to Filey for work so it was a good excuse to pop to Filey Dams afterwards for a couple of hours to see what was there.  Hopefully, I might be lucky - a nice chap told me when I arrived that a Pintail and a Fox had been seen there this morning as well as plenty of Reed Bunting on the feeders.

I certainly was in luck the sun was out and there was a male and a female Pintail, a bit far off but still close enough for some reasonable shots.

Pintail & Teal

That certainly made my day - it's the first Pintail I have seen.  Then sure enough the Reed Bunting turned up in the trees near the feeder.


There were quite a few Moorhens about and several of them were fighting over some bread in front of the hide.

This Woodpigeon was enjoying a nice bath in the sunshine.

Not quite sure what this Duck is, one chap thought it might be a bit of a hybrid.

Then I saw a Crow fly in with something in its beak, I thought it was a mouse at first, but it turned out to be a frog.

It was certainly a good couple of hours, some great wildlife and sunshine as well!

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