Thursday, 28 February 2013

Blacktoft Sands

The day started with some nice sunshine and wasn't too cold to start with, but as usual the sun went in, and by mid afternoon boy it felt cold!  I started off at the bird feeders to see what was around, the rats were there again cleaning up any food spilt from the feeders.



The next stop was Marshland hide where one particular Wigeon was determined to be heard above all the others.

This one was a bit more laid back!

and then they were off...

On the way to the next hide there were quite a few birds feeding in the trees.

Blue Tit



At the next hide Curlew were just flying in

The Lapwing were feeding a good distance away


At the end of the reserve the Konik ponies were grazing in the field next to the hide.

Nearby there was a Blue Pheasant which I have not seen before.

After a spell next to the wood burning stove in the visitor centre to thaw out, I took a walk down to the far end of the reserve to see the Marsh Harriers coming in to roost. There were two or three flying around, but unfortunately all quite some distance away.

Just near the water these two Snipe were having a good snooze!

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