Sunday, 3 March 2013

Scarborough - another cold day!

I had a really good day out at Blacktoft Sands with my niece who also enjoys wildlife photography and on the way back to her house we decided there was time for a few more photo opportunities.  So the first stop was Scarborough Mere to see the resident Mandarin duck.

There was also a Mallard with attitude!

Next stop was Peasholm Park, and a walk through the cemetery next to it was surprisingly full of birds.


There were several Goldcrest flitting around the tree tops, one day they will stay still long enough for me to get a decent shot of them!

It is great now there are signs of spring everywhere and the days are getting longer, I love this time of year, but as usual the sun went in again for my snowdrop picture.

Then the weather changed for the worse and down came the sleet and snow and it certainly felt some what colder.

We sheltered under the bridge to allow the worst of it to blow over before going on to Peasholm Park.  The weather improved for a while and we even got a bit of sunshine which brought out the birds and lots of squirrels!

Great Tit


Spring flowers

Grey Squirrel

Surprise of the day was to see a Redshank feeding in the mud caused by the drop in water level whilst they carry out some work.

Then I spotted a Wren in the undergrowth on the way back to the car

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