Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Spurn Point

This was my first visit to Spurn Point despite having lived in the area for so long and it wasn't to disappoint.  I initially parked in the pub car park at the start of Spurn Point and yes it was to check out the birds on the mudflats rather than for a quick pint!  I was a bit early so it was still closed anyway.

It was to prove to be a good start as there were large numbers of Dunlin and Redshank busily feeding, also Shelduck and Brent Geese could been seen a bit further away.  The weather was great and on days like these it is just brilliant to be outdoors watching our wonderful wildlife.




Brent Geese

The Alders in the pub car park were looking great, spring must be here

The road down to the point is narrow and bumpy in places, but well worth the effort.  It is an amazing place and has a really unique feel to it and with so few people about it was like having the place to myself. It is almost like being on an island in the middle of nowhere, I loved it.

On one side there are nice sandy beaches and on the other mudflats - ideal for the many waders that feed there.

The old lighthouse

It was strange walking down the beach seeing how many huge ships go by, I thought this one was going to end up on the beach!

The two pilot boats were both tied up ready for action as I went past

Not the most useful ladders in the world!

With the tide being out it meant the birds were a bit far off for a good view unfortunately.

Gull flying past

To keep the grass down and maintain the habitat there are a flock of Hebridean sheep

Great beaches

I really enjoyed my visit and will definitely be back.

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