Friday, 8 March 2013


I was on the way to Dalby forest for a walk and decided to stop at Hackness en route for 5 minutes of bird watching, which actually turned into 1/2 an hour!  There were quite a few birds about, many of them visiting the numerous feeding stations and the resident rat was busy mopping up any spilt bits.  I was particularly please to see a Jay, Nuthatch and one of my favourites Long-tailed Tits.

Great Tit

This one kept pecking round the hole of the nest box, but no one had told him is was metal reinforced!



Coal Tit

Blue Tit

Quick before it all goes!

Nuthatch, just one seed at a time please!

Now where did I drop it?

Long Tailed Tit

Now on to Dalby for that walk!

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